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Do You Have A Kitchen Refacing Project We Can Help With?

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Economical yet Effective Cabinet Refacing Toronto

If you’re a Toronto homeowner considering completely replacing your old, worn-out, dated, or chipped cabinets, our Cabinet Refacing Toronto service will help you get out of this bind. It is both efficient and cost-effective. It’s a green option because it may extend the life of your kitchen cabinets by a few years.

Cabinet Refacing Toronto, Ontario, Canada

We use a thin veneer of genuine wood or plastic laminate to cover the exposed frames of your cabinets as part of our cabinet Refacing Toronto services. Your kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts are also replaced to match or accent the new veneer. Finally Cabinet Refacing Toronto services include new hinges, knobs, pulls, and Moulding to complete the change of your cabinets.

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