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Kitchen refacing in Toronto, Canada

Cabinet Refacing Toronto

Transform your kitchen with lowest cost and greatest value

What is Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet refacing also known as cabinet resurfacing is the process of giving a new look to kitchen without changing the kitchen layout. If you plan to keep the existing layout of your kitchen and wish to update its look so cabinet resurfacing is the best solution to transform your kitchen with less cost and greatest value.

Our kitchen cabinet refacing includes changing all exterior parts of the kitchen including doors, drawer fronts, side panels, gables, light valance, toe kicks and molding upgrading handles, knobs and/or pulls as well as soft close hinges.In this process you only keep the existing cabinet boxes except exterior part of the kitchen.

The kitchen refacing process

Step 1:

In home consultation to take accurate measurement of cabinet doors, drawer fronts, side panel and gables.

Step 2:

Choosing the material for your kitchen. You could choose from various styles and colors of our high quality MDF paint, MDF AGT panel and solid wood. Our top of the line quality finished products is warranted for the piece of mind of our customers.

Step 3:

We manufacture all the required parts for resurfacing kitchen cabinets.

Step 4:

All cabinet doors, drawer fronts, gables are installed. We use the same material as the cabinet doors to replace side panels and gables to make sure all exterior part of your kitchen is matched with cabinet doors and drawer fronts.


Step 5:

Our expert craftspeople ensures your new refaced cabinets boxes are seamless and color-matched to perfection with your new doors and drawer fronts.


Step 6:

We install new hardware, handles, knobs, polls and hinges.

Which cabinets are good candidate for refacing?


If you happy with overall layout of your kitchen and your existing base cabinets are in good structural condition, then kitchen refacing is a good candidate to update your kitchen.

We can easily change the upper cabinets and island by making some modifications and installing new cabinet door fronts, but you have to like the location of lower cabinets. We would not help with projects that would require rewiring or plumbing.

Look at the structure of the cabinets, if they are falling apart, then cabinet resurfacing is not an option. Water damage on the bottom of the sink cabinet may not be a problem, we can easily install a new bottom cabinet.


Why do I choose kitchen refacing?

  • Cabinet refacing delivers extraordinary transformation at half the price for new cabinets
  • You can make modifications to your kitchen by increasing the height of the upper cabinets
  • You can add an Island, additional cabinets, pantry, or Peninsula to your kitchen
  • You can add accessories to organize the inside of your cabinets
  • You can upgrade handles and hinges to give a completely different look to your kitchen.

What do you get with kitchen refacing?

Cabinet boxes (optional)
Drawer boxes (optional)
Cabinet doors and drawer fronts
Soft close hinges and handles

Countertop (optional)

Side panels and gables

Backsplash (optional)


Cabinet Refacing Options

cabinet refacing toronto


Contemporary cabinets style have seen an amazing surge in popularity. Clearly, the simple clean lines of a Painted Shaker cabinet doors  is very appealing to many people. Contemporary style blends well with traditional, contemporary, and modern homes.

Featuring a flat frame with a recessed center panel, shaker cabinet doors are typically made from medium-density fiberboard (MDF), HDF or solid wood, with MDF being more affordable. Wood finishes work well for a traditional or rustic look, while painted finishes, such as white or gray, create a more casual or modern look.

We carry various door profiles you can choose from. Please visit us in our showroom to choose the style of your choice.



Flat panel cabinet refacing

Durable flat-panel cabinet doors, also known as slab doors, are used for modern style kitchens. The AGT Panel is manufactured by using world class MDF and it presents colorful solutions special for every venue. PVC foil coating which has superior surface quality is what brings in rich color choices to it… Moreover AGT Panel could be manufactured in demanded size and colors as well as standard colors. There are two types of AGT Panel: High Gloss, matt 


Glass insert cabinet doors

Glass-insert cabinet doors have glass panels in the center of the door . Glass-insert doors are great for showing off beautiful dishes.

Glass inserts can be transparent and clear, or frosting. When choosing your doors and glass insert, consider the overall style of your kitchen. Glass panels are easy to clean with standard glass cleaner to remove any fingerprints or water spots.



Cabinet refacing with new hardware

In addition to new cabinet doors and drawers, you can also create different look with new cabinet handles and knobs, which is included in our cabinet refacing service.

Other cabinet hardware options include hinges and drawer slides. Soft close hinges are the most common type of hinge and likely. Soft-close hinges are a bit more expensive but prevent your doors from slamming. Finally, drawer slides help cabinet drawers slide in and out easily without wearing out.


Frequently Asked Questions

Cabinet refacing is a quick and convenient way to give your kitchen a new look in a fraction of the time it would take for a full kitchen remodel. We build your dream kitchen with minimal disruption in just a few days.

Primarily it is less expensive and less time consuming then replacing cabinets. The end result is just as beautiful and will add value to your home.

What does cabinet refacing involve?

During refacing, the framework of your cabinets known as the cabinet box remains the same. Meanwhile, other elements such as cabinet doors, drawer fronts, hinges and handles, will be replaced. You can also choose to replace countertops, backsplashes, lighting and more as part of your project.

New doors and drawers, new hardware, new hinges, and new side panels, gables, to complement the new style and color of your doors and drawers, all custombuilt for your kitchen.

There are additional features available: soft-close hinges and slides, cabinet lighting, moulding, a matching toe kick, organization options, new countertops, new backsplash, new sink, heightening upper cabinets, adding an island and changing your kitchen cabinet valance.

We also offer add-ons and enhancements from storage solutions, Quartz countertop and backsplash

Yes we can add new cabinets to match your new refaced kitchen. We can also make changes to your existing cabinets to accommodate new appliances etc. Besides this, we also have many options to organize your kitchen using various mechanisms and hardware like a Lazy Susan, pull-out drawers.

From our personal experience, cabinet refacing has one of the highest payback of any home improvement. We work with Real Estate Agents and Home Stagers and in most cases, they do recommend updating the kitchen before selling. It definitely helps increase the buyer’s interest in the property.

Refaced kitchen cabinets will last as long as new cabinets with normal use.

Yes, all the options are available with refacing. We have a wide selection of door styles, hardware and countertops. Yes, you can select any of the numerous options available in the market today.

You can definitely add extra cabinets or a new countertop (be it melamine, granite, quartz, etc).

Absolutely not. All doors and drawer fronts will be replaced as well as any exposed areas. Your kitchen will look brand new from the outside!

In most cases it takes anywhere from 1 to 5 days depending on the size and complexity of the project. You will still be able to use your kitchen even while the refacing project is going on.

You could fill out “Request Quote” form from our website. we will book an appointment for free in home consultation and bring samples doors to your home to choose from our various styles and colors.